Precut SHIMS

Stainless steel precut shims - the alignment time saver

Precut shims probably offer the quickest payback of any maintenance investment, bar none! And PERMABLOC stainless steel shims are conceived to save even more time at the alignment site, when minutes of downtime add up quickly in terms of lost revenue.

PERMABLOC precut shims are up to four times more cost-effective than hand-cut shims! This can be calculated quite easily: time studies show that up to 15 minutes are required to fabricate a single shim from sheet stock. Precut shims not only reduce labor costs during installation and repair, but facilitate inventory control and avoid the risk of injury when cutting and inserting sharp-edged shims.
Each PERMABLOC Case contains a complete assortment of shims so that just the right shim size and thickness are always at your fingertips. The pelicase case itself is extremely rugged.


- Four machine foot sizes, eight thicknesses
- Corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel
- Time-saving permanent thickness/ dimension marking
- No 'leaf spring' effect from stacked shims: only 3 shims are usually enough!
- Perfectly flat for stable, consistent machine support
- Perforated tab for easier positioning and removal.
- Available in individual sizes and thicknesses and in four different assortments.
- Reusable

Laminated shims that peel down simply to the required thickness

No more time-consuming searching and cutting of shims from sheet stock by hand: LAMIBLOC laminated shims simply peel down to the required thickness to the nearest 0.05 mm. Just a handful of shims are all that’s needed at the job site for perfect vertical alignment adjustment in a small fraction of the usual time.

LAMIBLOC ’s are laminated shims for machine alignment. Each 1 mm shim is composed of 8 layers 0.1 mm thick and 4 layers 0.05 mm thick. The various layers are colored for easy recognition when peeling shims to the required thickness. LAMIBLOC ’s are ideal when alignment work requirements are insufficient to warrant stocking the complete assortment of PERMABLOC single-thickness shims.

LAMIBLOC at a glance

- Eight different sizes fit nearly any machine feet
- Hard brass or stainless steel resist corrosion
- Perfectly flat rolled to avoid vibration and ‘soft foot’ when stacked together - even several millimeters at a time!
- 1 mm thick; easily peeled down to required thickness.
- Sorted by four sizes in the handy LAMIBLOC case
- The time-and money-saving, safe and practical alternative to hand-cut shims

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